Dual 9600GT setup, DVI problem

Hi There,

Recently I did get myself a new system:

- EVGA 780i Mobo
- 2 EVGA 9600GT videoboards (not in SLI mode)
- 2 Samsung 2253BW LCD monitors
- Intel QuadCore 9450
- 4 Gig of RAM
- Windows Vista Enterprise x64
- 700 W PS

The problem is that I can't have my 2 monitors hook up through the DVI ports. The best I can achieve is 1 DVI connection and 1 Analog connection. I have tried all possible combinations on the 4 DVI ports this system has to offer. Do you have any ideas. How to overcome this issue and have each of my monitors hooked up to a separate videoboard through DVI?


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  1. Perhaps I need to add that I am currently using the OEM drivers, might switching to the standard NVIDIA drivers be an outcome? As I think they're using the same codebase...
  2. I think the new, yet to be released drivers will do the trick. Search for "Big Bang II" on the forums or some tech newspages and you will see.
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