WinLDG worked, now "My computer" can't see the drive

I had(?) a problem with my home built PC. One of the two 80 gig HD's contracted an "unmountable boot sector", coupled with the "blue screen of death" I reformatted one of the drives and reinstalled Win XP, SP1, SP 2 & SP 3. to that one. I queried Western Digital and asked how to format the other 80 gig HD, since Win XP said that it was "locked" They told me to download WinLDG and write zeros to that drive. I did that, and that's where the trouble started. Device Manager lists the second HD, but "My Computer" no longer "sees" it. How do I get the drive back and formatted? :(
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  1. I think I would remove the other drive and (if necessary) jumper the dodgy W
    D to Master. Boot the computer from the WinXP CD and start the XP install process. Follow the process to where you let it format the WD and before the install happens, exit (or turn off the computer).
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    The drive is not partitioned and formatted, "My Computer" won't see it. Right click on "My Computer" and select Manage>Drive Management. Right click on the drive in question and select "Initialize". Then right click on the drive and "Format" it, with a drive letter. You should be able to see it now in My Computer...
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