How confusing will video cards get before we all die?

Okay, so I'm building a new system, totally scrapping the old one and starting from scratch. I'm looking for the very best that the ~$350 single video card market has to offer. I see the $330 GTX 260 and like it, but then I see the Radeon HD4870 absolutely killing the benches of the GTX, at least for the price tag of $285, and now the 4870 XOC from Diamond is out, and the core clock goes over 950, and it's still only $315. Simple as that then, right? Of course not. PNY's overclocked GX2 now only costs $300 and EVGA's standard GX2 is at a mere $285. Don't take any of what I'm saying the as me complaining, I actually think that it's rather funny how crazy cards and prices are going now, and I am happy that these really powerful cards are so cheap now. At any rate, what do the forums think about these cards and their new prices?
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  1. ITS PANDAMONIUM!!!!!!! no doubt. something new is coming next week I think might wanna wait.
  2. The HD 4870 you linked to has the core clock at 800 MHz and the RAM at 1100 MHz (which I assume will come to 4400 MHz effective). Doesn't sound as crazy as you're making it out to be...
  3. Quick update: the GTX 260 can now be had for $280 on Newegg. That would be a $50 decrease from Monday.
  4. If nvidia can take firm control of the high end again then their prices will rise again and will be forced to spend $300 to get a good mainstream card like in the days when the 8800GTX and the 8800GTS were the only real options for playing games maxed out.
  5. It's a crazy world! Thank god for ATI though since before the 4870/4850, the GTX260 was $450!

    I would personally recommend one of the 4870s. You don't even need the XOC Diamond one because you can almost get those speeds with the ATI overdrive function in the CCC that comes with the card. Might as well buy one of those for $280 then get your $30 MIR.
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