HDD transfer rate starts fast then drops

I have a problem with my msi GT725 that has a WD Scorpio Black 7200 ROM SATA drive in it. After about 3 months of owning the laptop a problem arose that is similar to this one:


I'll start a data transfer either from partition to partition or from internal drive to external drive. It will start out at around 40 mb/sec and then drop to 3-5mb/sec. Overall disk performance drops as well and programs become unresponsive and sluggish. If i quit all ops and reboot then the reboot is painfully slow too. It has to be a hardware specific problem as I have recovered the system a couple times and even had a Ghost 2003 recovery fail due to a read error. When I was running XP I would get this problem, do a hard reboot and then get a disk error repeatedly until the system would finally boot again. I even did a clean install to Windows 7 and the problem still persists. it has been getting gradually worse though. It used to occur once in a while but now it is every time I start up. I'm thinking that its a bad drive but I want to know if anyone else has had this problem with any of their systems? Its weird, and msi support sucks so i might just swap the drive myself. They want me to RMA it back to California from NY and pay the cost of shipping and insurance myself. This will probably cost me $30.00+ at least and who knows how long they'll have it for. A new drive is $75.00 on newegg.

Anyone have any advice?
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  1. Download Process Monitor from Microsoft.com. This will let you check if any programs running in the background consistently keep your hard disk busy.
  2. Thanks for the reply but I already replaced the drive and it solved the problem instantly. The OEM drive was junk is all, and I'm mad I had to buy a new one myself but what are you gonna do? Send it from NY to Cali on my own dime and hope they actually fix it and that there's nothing else wrong with it when I get it back? No way, I've been down that road before.

    Thanks again for trying to help me out.
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