MOH Airborne Install/Restart Problem

Here are my specs - 9800 GTX, Am2 Athlon 4200X2 2.2 ghz, 2 gb corsair @ 800 mhz, m2n4 sli mobo, windows xp service pack 2 32 bit edition.

Here is my problem, and I've looked around on forums and couldn't find any help. Everytime I put the MOH Airborne disc in the cd drive will attempt to read the disc, then instantly restart. I read on other forums it was an Ageia PhysX driver issue, I looked and i don't even have that installed on my computer. It has to be another issue stopping me from installing this game. I have tried other games, they work just fine. This error is common from what I've read, just couldn't get any solid fixes. Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. The Ageia PhysX driver IS the problem! MOH needs it to run, same as the UT3 engine.

    Tip: Install the PhysX driver! It will work on your 9800GTX as well bij enabling it in the PhysX control panel.

    So go find the Nvidia PhysX driver at
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