Overclocking 7850 BE on 780g sb700 ma78gm-us2h

ok, i am new to all this overclocking but i have somewhat of an idea on how to do it, i bought this chip cause of the unlocked multi and when i am in the bios, i try to change the multiplier to anything higher than 14 x the system will not boot, so i tryed turning off cool and quiet and that c1 thing, still wont boot, so i tryed bumping the cpu voltage +.75 and still wont boot, so i tryed combing cpu voltage bump plus bumping the nb vid by .25, still wont boot, the most i can get out of this thing is to change the bus speed to 222 with a 14 x multi, i mean that gets me to 3.108 or something close (thats with stock voltages). i have a few questions, does anyone know why i cant change the multi? also, no one talks about just changing the bus speed to get to 3.1?, and will that do something bad? i mean i have run tests and it seems very stable. oh also this is my setup, ma78gm-us2h (rev. 1.0), amd athlon x2 7850 BE, 6gigs of ram (5x5x5x18) at 1.8v. can someone please help me with this issue?
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  1. Restore the previous setups first and see if it works. If not then congratualtions, you've got busted. :p
  2. Well the situation seems pretty normal to me...The Athlon X2 don't go too high...If you bought the CPU resently you should have went with the phenom II X2 550BE for only $99.99. Awesome deal! Anyway, I have one and it can go as high as 3.8 for me so far...
    When overclocking its not bad to increase the bus speed, but if you do you have to lower the memory speed by using the memory multiplier or a CPU to Memory option in your bios (if it has one)
    Normally when overclocking a BE you would increase the multiplier (CPU Clock Ratio) by .5X so by 100Mhz increments. Then you would test it with prime95 to see if it's stable. When you get to a setting that is not stable add CPU voltage by .025v until you get it to be stable again. When you get to the spot when you can't overclock any higher you hit the limit wall of your setup. You can also try what some people do, lower the CPU multiplier lower than the default setting and overclock by increasing the bus speed. but again you would have to lower the RAM speed so it stays the same because increasing the bus speed increases both CPU and RAM speeds. Anyway if you're overclocking be sure to do it on good cooling. Also when overclocking monitor your temps...Hope this helps and good luck! :)
  3. ok so yeah i just looked at my ram in cpuz and its running 444mhz so yeah thats faster then its supposed to, the timings are 5x5x5x18, ok now i need in depth instructions on how to lower the ram speed, maybe then i can upp my multiplier, i know of people on the internet getting there multi up to at least 15.5 or so, i cant change it any higher than 14 no matter if i lower the bus speed or not, im confused.
  4. oh i didnt say this before but its all 800 ddr2 ram, i know this might be an issue and i didnt want to say it earlier because i dont think it is and i know alot of people might just be lazy and say (oh yeah thats def the problem) but i have 2x2gb double sided pc6400 and 1x2gb single sided pc6400 ddr2) mixing d/s and s/s chips is a no no but i did major memory tests and never came up with an issue
  5. You seem confused between the multiplier and the HT. That's a BE, you can change multipliers without altering bus speed.
  6. well no im not confused i guess you just didnt understand what im saying, maybe im using the wrong terms sorry but i meant i cant change my multiplier because everytime i do go even to 14.5 my computer wont boot, no matter if the bus is 200 or what ever doesnt matter, it wont boot, i can only boot by changing the bus and that kinda overclocks it but i want more. i know im suppose to be able to do it and i am jsut doing something small wrong. i think hehe
  7. That must be the limit of your setup. You have to use a better cooling solution to move further without frying the pan, i mean the cpu.
  8. speedfan says it doesnt get hotter than 52c and max temp is 72c?
  9. Try HW Monitor.
  10. no cause iv already compared it to overdrive and od says its even lower, all these programs say something different but speedfan seems to be the closest to what the bios monitor says, i love this gigabyte mobo
  11. First lower the HT link multiplier to 5x to give you an HT link of 1000. Next you should slightly raise your CPU voltage and NB voltage. Be aware if your board is referring to the 780G north bridge, or the memory controller on the CPU itself. Well, best to raise both one step for a bit of stability. I'm sure there's something else you should do as far as the memory but I forget ^_^. Make sure you read the overclocking guides so you know what you are doing. A 7850 BE should be able to get to 3.0Ghz O.k, but it will run a bit hot. You really need something much better than the stock cooler to push past that and not fry the thing :D.
  12. ok i will try that, now if someone could explain a simi simple way to adjust my ram timings, i think that from what i read since my ram is, i should change the cas to tas delay (i think thats how you say it, lol) to 6 to get more stability, or should i take it to 4? for more performance??
  13. 72 Celsius is high...you need a better cooler...Also, I never mess around with the ram timings when overclocking I just lower the speed by changing the Dram frequency...it should be in your bios...on some boards you have to press a special key to get to advance settings and that's where it could be.
  14. with the 7850 or the 7750 if you have Ocd to 3.1 Keep it thats good for that chip. As for a new cooler for that chip nope wont help unless your just going for looks. These chips sucked for OCing bad... there is not much you can get out of these at all. Personally ive never been able to get above 3.0 on either no matter what I do. Some batches would OC better than others and some wouldnt eeven change the multi without a no post.In this case you got lucky on the upped Reference clock as almost all Ive come across didnt like a higher refernce clock over stock. Feel like you have acomplished something and be happy for the OC you have attained espescially if it is stable. If you want an OCing chip get a PII 250, 550, 720, 940, or 955 or go intel just stay away from Old athlon X2s espescially the 7XXX series unles OCing is not what your after.
  15. whats the lowest i can change my bus speed to try and upp the multi? like could i try 100 and try to goto 15 or 16 and then go from there or would it be bad to go that low?
  16. no you should stay at 200
  17. damnit, it just kills me to think that i bought a black edition chip that cant change its multi? that makes no sense, i bet you anything that i have something set wrong or am doing something wrong.
  18. No you are not doing anything wrong. It is just the chip. get a PII if you wanna OC. 3.1 is good for that chip.
  19. ok, xtc28 i really appreciate your help with this matter (really i do), but would anyone else have any advise on this matter?
  20. ok so you have a very similar setup to mine except i have the same mobo but i have the 7750, im using the stock cooler too

    Your problem sounds very weird i dont see why it wouldnt boot with anything higher than 14x

    I booted with 16.5x and i think i had increased voltage by +.125 then but it wasnt stable for an extended period of time, in fact i think the system rebooted when the temperature hit 53 or 58 C i cant remmeber which.

    currently im running a 14.5x multiplier and a 211 mhz bus speed which put me at 3074 mhz. I dont think i would be able to get anything more out of this chip even if i had better cooling since it doesnt seem very tolerant to voltage change.

    So if i were you id be happy with what i got cause even if you didnt get your result through a higher than 14x multiplier you probably reached the "maximum" anyway
  21. damn so kompako? you cant set the multi at 14 and the bus at 222?
  22. You can...you'll just have to lower your ram speed and make sure it's stable...
  23. Please specify ALL your specs here..... I need to know what kind of ram (brand), PSU, CPU cooler and Bios you are using ATM.....
  24. ok heres a update, i raised the cpu vcore to 1.456 and got the multiplier to boot on 15 and 15.5, and a speed bus of 200-205, it would boot but stable tests would reset computer after around 15 min. i would get the blue mem dump screen
    OVRCLKR- i have 2x2gb ADATA 800mhz 5x5x5x18 chips, i also have 2x1gb offbrand 800mhz 5x5x5x18 chips, a pc power and cooling silent pro 500w psu, stock amd cpu cooler, and ga-ma78gm-us2h with bios version f4. i really do want a new cpu cooler and i like the gigabyte coolers but i have a matx and i think they are too tall for my case.
  25. Thx for the update.......

    First off.. It is important for you to know that the 8550 is not a great overclocker regardless if its a BE or not..... They are basically defective AGENA chips that did not pass quality control and were set to be used as dual cores... The highest overclock I have seen with a 8550 is 3.4Ghz (stable) on a UD4P 790X motherboard....

    Second, I do not recommend using 2 different sets of Ram if you plan of having a stable overclock. It basically puts more stress on the chips memory controller and does not help to attain stability....

    I recommend you remove the off brand Ram and just use the 4Gb of A-Data for now... Later on you can add the other sticks when you find that your system is stable....As far as your cooler goes, you can overclock to about 3.2 / 3.3Ghz anything higher will give you high temps since you will have to raise the voltage...

    1.4v should be enough for your CPU since it will not go past 3.4Ghz....Another thing you have to consider is that your mobo is not the best overclocking board so that might be a reason you will hit a wall at such low overclocks....

    Try these settings :

    Leave the bus at 200mhz <-- once stable you can raise a bit.....
    Make sure cool n quite is disabled
    Change the CPU voltage to 1.375v <--- Dont go any higher than that for now....
    Make sure the NB voltage is @ 1.35v / 1.36v for now......
    Multiplier @ x14.5 , if unstable lower to x14....
    Chipset voltage should be around 1.10v / 1.15v MAX

    Make sure your Ram has enough volts to operate @ 5-5-5-18 and run memtest just to make sure your settings are correct. The first thing you should do before overclocking is making sure your ram is stable at it's advertised speed.... Once that is done you can play around in the bios till you get a stable overclock but remember to raise in increments (little bit at a time)....

    Btw I have a 7750 (2.7Ghz stock) running on a decent motherboard and it wont boot past 3.3Ghz.... The only BE's that can achieve high overclocks are the x2 550's, x3 720's , x4 940's and x4 955's ..... Let me know if you see a bios option that might need some tweaking, I am just going by the settings that I use.... hope this helps...
  26. OvrClkr, nice post!!! :) I think it'll help billybobjon...
  27. thank you sir !!!!!
  28. yeah thank you very much, i am gonna try that tomorrow, i have been playing ruins of magic for the past 3 hours and am kinda sleepy, thanks again!
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