Gigabyte DS3R P35 Rev. 1.0 & Memory Issue

A quick background of the problem my friend is having:
-He has had four gigs of ram installed (4X1 ddr2 800 stock timings)
-OS is 32 bit Vista Business
-E4300(stock), RAID0, 8800GT,X-FI
-Rosewill 550W PS
Okay, what appeared to be all of a sudden, when he went to turn on his computer it would light up, all the fans would start including the 8800's, but the 8800 would not ever "calm" down. It would stay at max speed. When this occured, nothing on the screen is displayed, he has waited up to a half hour with no luck on the screen ever. It just sits there making a bunch of noise. At that point, he simply thought it was a memory stick had gone bad. After future tinkering around, he recently bought a Q9300 we have found the problem quite interesting. The ram stick that was bad was in the 4th slot. If he removed that stick, the system boots. If he put the "bad" stick into the 3rd slot and removed the other stick all together, it booted no problem. This eliminated any thoughts of the memory being bad. The crazy thing is that if he takes any different order of sticks or slots it will not "always" boot when there are four sticks in. The keyword is "always", it randomly booted the second time we tried the switch, but after being switched off it would not boot again, and we switched the slots and sticks to no avail. At this point, I would think it's the motherboard, but it just seems weird that it works no problem, and it worked at least one time. I was wondering if it was possible a RAID0 issue?? He recently setup RAID0, but can't confirm if it was before or after he started having troubles. I was also considering the power supply, but again it is completely flawless with 3 ram sticks so I doubt that fourth stick is really overexerting the power supply. Please let me know of any other information you need, I appreciate all your help in advance.

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  1. I think it's just the motherboard being "picky" , probably the RAM slots. Try applying not too much force when inserting the RAM sticks.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. Honestly, my roomate and I have inserted the RAM no less than thirty times. I will give it a couple more tries to make absolutely sure. Does the amount of force somehow deactivate the slot?
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