Is Vista inhibiting gpu overclock?

Hello together. I tried to overclock my His 4890 today (reference design).

I downloaded Rivatuner and monitored the temps they never went higher then 79C. As soon as I reached a Core speed of 930 (850 is stock) I got a black screen for 1 secs (only under load) and then Vista said that it "sucessfully restarted the drivers". (sorry I don't know the exact words because my Os is running German.)

I entered the error message into google and saw that many people have this problem and most of them said that it only occurs under Windows Vista many of them even had it a stock speeds.

Is it true that you can get higher Gpu overclocks with Xp then with Vista(x64 ultimate) because the strange driver problem doesn't occur? What about Windows 7?

Has anyone here had the same problem and maybe found a solution? It's really strange because I don't get artifacts/high temps but the card still wont overclock as far as it should
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  1. No, the GPU overclcok will very a little bit but not much between xp and vista.

    The only difference is when you are in XP and the video driver would crash then you would get a BSOD.
  2. Hmmm What you say makes sence but then again I wonder why all the people I read about only had this problem running Vista and when they ran Xp (same Pc stock speeds both) the problem (with driver resting)was gone.

    Maybe that's due to the bad drivers Vista had in the beginning.

    And I have to correct something.I tried the same thing with Fur mark in a window and it wasn't the whole screen which got black but only the fur mark I could still move the mouse at all times.

    I guess my 4890 won't even overclock to 930(850 stock) that's said My phenom 720 already couldn't go past 3.55 ghz.
    Do you think I should try to mess with the voltages?

    Another strange thing is that CCC auto tune overclocked the Gpu to 955Mhz which is very high considering that there are already problems at 930 I always thought Auto overclocking programs are very conservative.

    I will install the new drivers (mine is 1 month old) and see if there's any change.

    One more question: Overshocked did you overclock you're Gpu with Vista?
  3. With the new drivers I can go up to 940 without the driver crashing it even took more then a minute at 950 before it crashed (old drivers: emediate crash at 930).

    I've downloaded Atitools and checked for artifacts and the funny thing is that these small yellow dots already show up on stock speeds.

    They are not big and there arent lots of them. The Gpu overclocking guides always say that you should stop overclocking when you see artifacts but I already see them at stock gpu speeds that sucks...

    Can I bring the Gpu back to the store and demand a new gpu(warranty) or is this a "normal" thing?
  4. erdinger said:

    One more question: Overshocked did you overclock you're Gpu with Vista?

    YEs i did but the the 9800 gx2 voltage is incorrect.
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