SSD: Which Would You Recommend From These 6 Candidates

Hi guys! I lost about ~9GB of video files from just this one folder last week while watching on MPC using CCCP.

Very strange, I was able to recover 6.67GB back using Recuva and Pandora.

My OS is on a 60GB partition on a Western Digital 750GB Caviar Black. OS is Windows 7 RC.

Anyways, because of the said problems I'm thinking my OS or HDD is playing up. I will be buying an SSD with Windows 7 x64 OEM to go with it.

Note: all prices in Australian Dollar

OCZ Vertex 60GB $329
OCZ Vertex Turbo 60GB $363+shipping (ETA late December, out of stock across Australia)
OCZ Agility 60GB $300
OCZ Agility 120GB $495 (2nd best $/GB)
GSkill FalconII 60GB $239 (best $/GB)
Intel X25-M G2 80GB ~$450 (ETA 20th of December, out of stock across Australia)

I'm having a hard time deciding, I don't really want to touch GSkill because apparently Intel and OCZ is the way to go. Bigger companies compared to the small guys etc.

Here is the one and only review for the GSkill at the moment:

The OCZ Agility 60GB and 120GB are obviously very tempting price-wise. Also please take into consideration the Intel is out of stock and the ETA is 20th of December, even if it does arrive it might only be a handful and I might lose out. My drive could die by then if I wait.

Please give a good reason for your decisions. Just not 'Intel is the best' like what a few brainless trolls on AnandTech replied.

Thank you very much.
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  1. My decision would be based on performance and warranty, not $/GB... in six months, the price will be halved anyway! GSkill makes great memory as does OCZ, but neither are in Intel's ballpark when it comes right down to it...
  2. I've narrowed down my choice to the $300 Agility 60GB and $329 Vertex 60GB.

    Any ideas what would be the better option performance-wise?

    I've read about 5-6 reviews comparing them and there's mixed results.
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    I'd get the Intel. It outperforms the others by a significant margin.
  4. The patriot torqx )NOT M28 version) is almost identical to OCZ Vertex

    The most important factor on non-intel versions is the controller, Need to verify that it uses the intel, or the Indilinx controller - NOT the Samsung or jmicron controller. This is do to TRIM support and firmware updates. Samsung do not currently support trim cmd and firmware updates questionable (This may have changed, but I have not seen an update saying it does).
  5. Both the Vertex and Agility use Indilinx controllers.
    You may get either with Firmware 1.4 installed which will run Trim commands on Win7 as single drives.
    If you get an older drive then the firmware update is available.
    I like the Intel offering also but the price is for business use not for us...
    Firmware is now available to enable Win7 Trim on the Intel units as well.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.

    I actually have an Intel on hold in Western Australia (state). The last one the store has for $449+19 shipping.

    All Intel 80GB drives are sold out in Queensland and New South Wales states.

    I have until Wednesday to decide and pay for them. I guess the Intel is only slightly more expensive than the Vertex minus the shipping cost in regards to $ per GB. And I do really want 80GB as that is the perfect size for me I reckon. 120GB is overkill for me. 60GB is too small.

    Hmm.. Does anyone know of any rumors about the Intel G3 or the next best OCZ MLC drive at CES 2010? I can wait since it is getting close to showtime.

    Decisions.. Decisions..
  7. Intel X25-M (2nd Gen) and OCZ are, supposedly, the most stable SSDs from everything I've read on here and other websites.

    I just bought a Intel X25-M (2nd Gen) 80gb. It performs better overall on the benchmarks i've seen.

    The new firmware (02HD) for the X25-M has been increasing throughput on write speeds. The 160gb model has shown up to 30% increases on sequential writes. I believe all the upgrade did for the 80gb model was fixed the TRIM support issue with the earlier firmware "bricking."
  8. intel is the best buy at this time period!
  9. Yeah, I do know Intel is the best in regards to random writes at 4k sizes.

    It also took 10 months between the release of the G1 and G2. So it would take Intel roughly around May 2010 to release the G3.

    I think I'm just going to get the G2. :D
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