External usb drive slow to search, freezes

I have a 1TB Seagate external usb hard drive that I use to store mainly movies and edited video files. I am using windows XP. I've been experiencing problems when using the built in windows search that I usually have no problems with. When I choose all files and folders and search for a name and there is more than several video files that match that name, odd things start happening. I leave the search results in detail form, btw.

The more video files that show up in the list, the laggier it is to click on a file to highlight or open it, and it will likely freeze the window or freeze the entire computer. Even with only a couple of video search results, the results window will freeze up for a few seconds when switching to it. I've also tried sorting larger lists of videos by size or filename or whatnot within search results, and it will likely freeze. I'm thinking its trying to preview all the files and freezing in the process.

Beyond searching large video files, other searches work okay and the drive speeds and access times are reasonable.
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  1. May have bad sectors which can halt all sorts of operations to the hdd - test the hdd with seagates own seatools program and see what it reports

    could also be a faulty USB-SATA converter or cable, either way if its under warranty (usually 5 years) you should be covered

    also i hope you have backed your data up - never keep any important data in a single place at once etc
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