Partitioning a Hard Drive in XP

Hi, I have a 1TB hard drive that I would like to install Windows 7 on as well as keeping XP installed.
I was planning on making a 300GB partition on my drive to install Windows 7 on and keeping the rest for XP/storage. Is it possible to do this without loosing all the files that I already have on my drive and if so how would i do it?
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  1. Try a software called "Partition Magic", see if that help...
  2. There are many 3rd party partitioning tools available to do just that. Partition Wizard seems to be a fav
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    wa1 said:
    Try a software called "Partition Magic", see if that help...

    Do NOT use Partition Magic, there are serious issues.

    THe favorite free prog seems to be Partitio Wizard, but it does not deal with Linux partitions.

    Acronis Disk Director 10. a very ggod program, is supposed to br replaced with a Win 7 version nbext month.
    I have ADD 10 in Vista and will be using it to create/resize partitions to install Win 7, and provide other partitions as well as reserve space for Ubuntu Linux.

    Paragon Partition Manager 10 also looks good.
    I have the Personal version, but have not yet fully tested the critter.
    There's also a Pro version.

    Alas, I also have Partition Magic. All I can say is #$#%^#%!!!!
    I describe some of the issues in either the old Acronis Disk director forum at Wilders, and maybe alco in the new Acronis forum. But do not bother, it's not worth your time.

    The knock on Acronis is their history of poor support and buggy releases.
    A plus for Paragon is their very good support forum.
  4. Forgot to mention that there is also Paragon Partition Manager EXpress, which is free.
    I've never looked at it,
  5. I 'm not using Partition Magic too, i just heard it from friends...
    Okay, aleatoire, these guys had solved your problem, just try it on...
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