Nvidia graphic card with low energy consumption

I need a low end nvidia graphic card that has a low energy consumption. Performance is not a priority. Any suggestions?
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  1. How low? What type of card PCI-e, AGP, PCI? More info would be nice!
  2. Power consumption chart
    Hierarchy chart, because of architecture some of the better rated cards use less power than lower rated cards
  3. the 6200 turbo cache is not on that list
  4. Thanks all, that was really helpful. I'm sorry about not specifying more details . I was thinking about PCI extra, 256Mb of RAM. But these charts will be sufficient, I was looking for them but could not find them.
  5. ene dene said:
    I was thinking about PCI extra, 256Mb of RAM.

    1st of all there is no such thing as a PCI EXTRA. Its PCI or PCI Express!!
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