USB & Ethernet enclosure with simultaneous access?

I am planning to attach an external hard drive via USB to my tv so it can play all the media on it, however i dont want to keep disconnecting my hard drive and reattaching to the computer to load new media, so i was thinking of getting a ethernet enclosure that i can share and load content from over the network. my concern is, are the network enclosures able to connect using usb? and if so, will they both work simultaneously? can i simply hook the drive to usb on tv, and Ethernet cord and forget about it, just throw media at it from pc and read from usb tv at the same time?

please suggest some good enclosures for the above purpose, im looking at ones that will take sata i/ii drives.
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  1. There are many NAS units that also connect via USB. You should use the advanced search of to filter out what you don't need.
  2. FANAT1C, were you able to find a product that did what you needed? I'm trying to do then exact same thing with no luck so far.
  3. no. all the drives i saw had to be connected to either 1 interface at a time. however my tv started playing things much better with teh DLNA firmware fix, so i stopped looking.
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