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Hi guys,

I recently installed a game (civ2) ran fine on my other PC, both running Windows XP.

I need to locate a DLL and erase it. (IR41.DLL)

Has something to do with Indeo graphics/ driver or whatever, but I need to delete this.

I used "regedit" but unable to locate it.

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    It should show up in a search in My Computer if you include Hidden files and folders in that search. That said, Intel don't put files in for no good reason. Making this change for just one game when it might throw all your graphihcs into a flat spin is a bit risky.
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    Found this:
    Only, for you since you run XP, the dll is in Windows/system and you don't need to delete it just rename it, say, IR41.DLL1 or something.
  3. Thanks for the reply's,

    Indeo is not "Intel", it was installed by the game for in-game movies. It is left over after the un-install process.

    I added the "1" as suggested, all it would do is allow me to edit that so I' ll see how it goes.

  4. Adding the "1" worked
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