How to fix the tick tick noise from computers hard disk

I think there is a prob with my hard disk. Sometimes i hear a voice of " Tick " tick" after that voice my computer held for some time.. and after that works fine.. I usually open my cassing and plug out the hard disk wires and then again i plug then in.. For some dayzz it work great but after that do as same..
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  1. Check to see if the disc is almost full -- I believe this leads Windows to shrink the virtual memory space leading to disc thrash and slow performance.

    Solution is to download a program like Ccleaner or Easy Cleaner and clear out some clutter.

    Another useful step is to add more RAM.
  2. Either your hard disk is dying or your power supply is insufficient.
    If you check the SMART parameters (with HD Tune for example) and copy them here we can tell if your hard disk is ok.
  3. I would recommend you to back up your data as soon as you can. Your HDD is dying, man.
  4. I couldn't agree more, she's gonna die on you, better be ahead and start shopping around for replacement while you still have time.
  5. Hi found this artical , thought you would like to read it -
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