gtx260sli or 9800gx2 or gtx280

hello guys,,,,im planning to buy on of these cards but i dont know which one.....
-if i buy the 9800gx2 i wont use quad sli
-if i buy the gtx260 ill be using it in sli with an evga680¡
-if i get to buy the gtx280 and i dont think i will because is about the same price as the gtx260sli and i dont think planning to use sli on gtx280 beacuse by the time ill get the moneey there will be new cards.....(so i might not buy this card)

i know the gtx260 sli is better than the 9800gx2 but im not sure if they have similar performance or
is it just that the gtx260sli is way to much better than the 9800gx2

dont know if i make myself clear :??:

and ati is not an option :pfff:
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    2xGTX 260 in SLI outperform both GTX 280 and 9800GX2 but what resolution do u play at ? because u may not need SLI
  2. I'm holding judgement of the GX2 until the Big Bang II drivers are released; I expect major improvements to Quad SLI, which might make the card viable.

    Also, the 9800GX2 can be considered a poor mans 280. I wouldn't do Crysis on 1900x1680 with it, but it can still put up numbers close to everything else out there, sometimes better too.
  3. Just get the GTX280. SLI still has too many issues to make it worthwhile.
  4. You can get GTX280 Oc editions now for under 400 after rebate... amazing
  5. i play at 1680x1050 in my 22" monitor as my native resolution ,but i might get a 24" monitor later,,,
    but it wouldn be better to have gtx260 sli than rather just a single gtx280??? :??:

    ( i want something that i can keep for a loong timee)
  6. I heard SLI has some bugs still on some applications. 1 GTX260 or 280 should be able to run a 22" or 24". Mega PSU needed for SLI
  7. so if I wont be using sli , the best option is gtx280 right? so Im going to be the 9800gx2 in 280$ and sell it ,because I know some people who can buy me this thing for 400$ :D and then im going to buy the gtx280 :D thanks guys
  8. uppss I forgot
    do you think the gtx280 fits in a thermaltake m9 case?
  9. get gtx 280. you can sli 280 later when you want more performance. if you get sli gts 260 or 9800x2, you are pretty much stucked with few upgrade option.

    i think it will fit in your case. it fit in my nine hundred.
  10. and just to not make a new thread ....does the evga680¡ is tri-sli ready?
    because it has 2xPCIex16 and 1 x PCIe Graphics expansion slot, whats is that for???
  11. Any SLI configuration of these video cards would need a motherboard with PCIex-2 to get full performance.
    Go with the single gtx280 or upgrade your board for SLI.
  12. get the gtx 280 i've seen it cheaper than the gx2 in some places.
  13. cheaper than 280$$$??? i can get the gx2 in 280:)..thanks anyways
  14. i got the 9800GX2. and the gfx couldnt handle my 28" monitor cause i lose about an inch on all four sides of the OS interface. i am thinking if i should get the new gtx280 as an exchange. the supplier said they couldnt test it and i have to stick with it if the same problem happens.
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