X58 motherboards worth it???

I noticed that the new x58 mobos cost around $300- $400, thats REDICULUS!! this costs more than the i7 i was looking to buy! So far i havent heard anything as far as a mobo that i could actually afford, and i usually only upgrade my pc every 3 years or so...should i just skip upgrading or are these things actually worth the cost??? i really want a i7 and ddr3 ram, but $400 for a mobo? thats messed up. I dont overclock, and i dont need all that many features. just a few slots for my sound card and my video card, and a few ram dimms, has anyone heard of a decent board that wont cost a fortune?? thanks
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  1. IMO they aren't anywhere near worth the cost. Maybe a year from now they will all be a lot cheaper, especially the DDR3, and things will be different.

    You could just wait until i7 is out and then get something under $1000, with a $120 P45 motherboard, DDR2, Q6600, HD 4850 for example. If you haven't upgraded in 3 years, this would be a major improvement over what you have now. Also, it would still give you 70% to 80% of the speed of a $3000 computer based on the latest and greatest.
  2. No... but try eBay, there is someone doing dodgy unbranded m'boards at knockoff prices... no ddr3 though sorry :(

    Also... if you can't afford the motherboard then I doubt your going to want to pay alot of money for the RAM and the CPU...?

    But!... You could buy it and skip your next future proof for maybe 4 or 5 years (small upgrades excepted!) then your saving on the long-run!

    Or!... Buy a new computer...?

    Thanks for posting, hope I helped!
  3. Just stick with a Quad until 4 core optimization becomes the norm, and upgrade your GFX instead. You'll have a better system, and a fatter wallet that way.
  4. i hate my wallet, makes me tip sideways
  5. +1 to all
  6. well right now my computer is...well its dead. i overclocked my q6600 a little too much and now my computer is dead. mobo fried and the cpu is gone. i admit that it was completely my fault i made some mistakes in the bios.

    so now i have my old thermaktake armour case, a new 320gb HDD, a new 750 corsair psu, 5 or 6 case fans, a few wireless network cards and I have $600 set aside for a i7 and a video card, but than i saw the price of the motherboards, and thats more than the cpu or the video card. if it was about $200 cheaper id be all for it.

    I want a x58 mobo so i can have the possibilities of upgrading to a faster i7 later, but i dont know if its worth it now
  7. Sorry to hear that, man...

    If you fried the RAM too or it's DDR2, then you'll need to include that in the budget too. You need DDR3 for i7.

    Do you mean $600 for CPU, DDR3 RAM, x58 motherboard and video card all together? The cheapest i7 is expected to be around $300. With DDR3 and an X58 motherboard, you're already over budget, before even adding a video card. :(
  8. it doesn't really make much sense to buy things right when they come out anyway because they are way overpriced when they first come out and the older gear will probable go down in price
  9. Do as aevm and gamerk susgested. P45, quad core, 4800 video card. Good price, great performance, and leaps and bounds ahead of what you have now.
  10. i ment $600 for the cpu and the videocard. i still need to geth the money together for the ram and mobo. and i havent tested to see if my ddr2 ram was fried also so i have it put away right now.

    i was thinking of getting a decent mobo and decent ram and than just getting the cheapest i7, and upgrading to a higher clocked i7 lated. i thought this would be cheaper than re-buying a lga775 mobo and cpu and ram and than upgrading later.

    also i still cant decide between a 4870 1GB and a 260 core 216, but for a different time
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