First build- cs3 design suite- maya studentVer-What Do i need

Im Looking at Building up My first desktop- I know i want CS3 premium design suite First-- then i want the student version of Maya.

Im lost already on__Motherboards__Graphics card-(s)?__Processor- Quad or Dou 3.0+

Anyone have a good build yourself link page?
Im comfortable plugging things where they should go- But then have no idea what i need to get set-up BIOS? What Platform -Vista? other?

This is a system i hope to be able to do graphic images; Small flash animations; eventually (with Maya) small wireframe, shaded views, images..not for animated scenes.

My budeget would be about $1200- $1000

With the latest updates any area would be appreciated>[][/]
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  1. I should have said Im not going to play games on this system.

    Its for rendering fast__No delay
  2. Quad Core for sure

    for your budget i would say Q6600 would be perfect

    among other things would be 4-8 gb of RAMs, and 4x harddrives for RAID10 setup (this will improve overall performance as well as making backup for everything you will be creating which is best for work stations setups)

    i haven't used vista so i cant say on my part about the compatibilities on it. but 64bit sounds good to me since CS3 is multi-threaded software so i assume it would run faster possibly??

    Q6600 $210
    ASUS P5Q Deluxe (P45 mobo) $210
    4gb ram (2x2gb) $80
    4xhdd (Seagate 250gb) $240 (all 4)
    ATI hd4850 (800 processing units each) $170
    750W Corsair power supply $110
    Antec Nine Hundred case $120
    DVD+/- (your choice) $30
    AS5 thermal paste $6

    total: $1176

    if you have $ to spare for upgrades get one more HD4850 video card and then one more 4gb(2x2gb) for 8gb ram if you run in 64bit OS

  3. I run cs3 creative suite on vistax64, and there are some funky compatability issues. Nothing too serious though, and I'm sure that'll be taken care of with the next photoshop release. The bridge never works perfectly, and the install/remove program is pretty much not vista compatable. That's ok though, untill you want to remove it from your system. I run a q6600 on a p35 board oc'd to 3.6ghz. It's pretty powerful for all of the adobe programs.

    I second the system gaiden posted. If you're not going to overclock though, you might go for a faster processor, i.e. q9450. A p35, of p45 mobo will do fine, just make sure you get one with raid support.
  4. I should have said before- Im not sure ill even overclock- I dont have a clue how to do it anyways.--

    Im researching the previous recomindations thanks...
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