I just got my graphic cards ASUS 4850 to replace my old sh*tty GeForce 7300 for my World Of Warcraft on a 24" LCD.
When I open the box, it comes along with a power cable, just I am not sure what to do with it? Do I connect it with the motherboard directly to the graphics card itself or I can just ignore it.

Please advice.

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  1. Power cable for the power supply.
  2. yes, I know it's for the power supply, so does it mean I will need to attach the cable from the card to the motherboard. Because my old card doesn't have such thing. lol.

    It's new to me
  3. No, you have to connect to power supply, not the motherboard.
  4. oh, okay. Thanks very much! and what about the AA, AF stuff. How do I set them up ? Or I can do that with the software ASUS provided within the installation CD
  5. With your lack of experience I would just suggest that you stay away from the CCC diver control panel and just use in-game AA and AF settings. And yes, you plug the 6pin connector to the card, and the two 4 pin connectors to the powersupply's 4 pin connectors. That is assuming your powersupply can handle that load.
  6. thank manys, appreciated
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