Motherboard for Q9550 and SLI prefer Gigabyte or Asus

My first post here and my first real attempt at getting a computer with the parts I want.
I have limited budget but went for something that will have a bit of longevity (an alien word in computer terms sometimes) I wanted a Q9550, a board that will have to begin with a 9800GT but with the idea of upgrading to a GTX 280 and if money can be found later add a second GTX280 (so SLI is the ultimate goal). I have 4G Corsair DDR2 1066(I think dominator?). It is being put together by the local Computer shop as I wasn't confident enough to do it myself yet.
The first board was a Asus P5n72-T Premium but the first one sent wouldn't recognize the Q9550 and struggled to update the BIOS waiting on the second one now but after reading quite a few forums on this board (particularly newegg) I am losing confidence in it.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Due to my noob status I'd like a stable board from a reliable manufacturer that requires minimum maintenance and have no intentions of OCing.
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  1. Hello mate I have a fairly similiar setup to the one you currently have / want.

    I'm running a Q9550 and now 2 GTX-280's on an ASUS Striker II NSE. If I have any advice for you it is this. Stay away from ASUS. I have had nothing but trouble with my board, and although I wouldn't call myself any kind of genius I do believe I am fairly savvy with high end setups. And if someone who likes getting their hands dirty is having trouble with this stuff on ASUS motherboards - that's got to be telling you something.

    From what I know, XFX have a good range of mobos to choose from and are fairly reliable. I will be replacing mine with a 790i Ultra SLi - I guess it comes down to how much money you can splurge as to what kind of mobo you get?
  2. Thanks for your reply mate,
    I am prepared to spend more if it means the Mobo will be more reliable and with the ability to put the GTX-280s in at a latter date it should do me for 4-5 years. (being a father of 3 it probably means it'll have to actually last 8-10years before I can convince the treasurer at home to purchase a new one).
    I don't know a lot about XFX so I'll do some research on them.
  3. Seems I'm struggling to find a solution. everything that runs the SLI and Q9550 has DDR3 which I already have DDR2.
    Could anyone list some mobos for me to look at?
  4. i know its a little bit passed since you wanted info but here are my two 3d mark profiles and i think most info is in there, if you want more just post and i got you.
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