Galaxy GeForce 6200A PCI Problems

Hello I recently purchased a Galaxy GeForce 6200A PCI 256MB Video Card and received a Driver Disc with it. The driver versions were 66.93, 93.71, 94.24, 98.32, and 162.18. I used System Restore to make a Restore Point in Windows XP Professional and tried all the drivers, yet I still get the same problems.

Icons have vertical and/or horizontal black lines through them and preview windows and the blue left Windows Explorer panel also has these lines. Turning up the colour depth from 16-bit to 32-bit fixes the icon problem, but not the others (see below).

Now that the new card is in the machine, Windows XP Pro starts with its black load screen, then the whole screen goes black and finally takes 5 minutes to actually load Windows.

All Directx diagnostics tell me everything is okay. Changing the monitor refresh rate has no effect on the problem. I installed the directx 9.0c that was on the CD, as well as later installing the latest Directx, but it didn't fix it up.

Also, video doesn't play at all. The Media Player opens, but doesn't play, and after closing the Player, the computer is painfully slow and the desktop icons disappear then reappear very slowly in a fade.

I tested the video card on C&C Red Alert 2. The movies play fine in-game but when the cursor is hovered over the battlefield the game runs painfully slow and hangs.

My system specs are as follows:

Motherboard: ASUS CUSI-M
CPU: Intel Celeron 735MHz
RAM: 1 Gb
HDD: 20 Gb
SOUND: CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device
DIRECTX: Version 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
VIDEO: Galaxy GeForce 6200A 256MB PCI
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows XP Professional
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  1. downloaded driver version 84.21, but still got the same problems. I'm currently scouring the net for all the 8x.xx drivers to get them all and will post back the one that works.
  2. blacktails, did you try to enter save mode, and check there for problems?
    Usually lines mean a hardware problem.
    I still recomed full system format when instaling new card.
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