A motherboard that can use both on-board and Graphics card?


is there a motherboard that can use both on board and graphics card.

So that the card is only used for games and onboard for general windows, or sommin like this?

in order to save energy, lower heat and sound emmision from the computer?

is there a product like this?
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  1. anyone??? :(
  2. Yes. Hybrid SLi. The Nvidia 7000 (not 700i) chipset uses this. Unfortunately its Micro-ATX only.
  3. am i right in saying there are only AMD versions of this Motherboard, is there an Intel alternative?

    thanks for the replay :)
  4. If possible could sombody post a good Mobo + CPU combo, Mobo (around £100, CPU around £150-£200)

    that are low energy, have this sli hybred technology and will last into the future.

  5. I don't think there is anything like this for intel. I would also not recomend this setup because i dont know alot of info about this. However this is the best setup you will get using a phenom and a 780g chipset.




  6. does anyone know the best motherboard with this technology, no price braket
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