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So it's been about 4-5 years since my last build and it is definatly time for a new system. However, the more I am trying to research which direction to go the more I get confused with what to go with. I dont have a set direction to go with but below are a few things I am keeping in consideration when looking for the correct motherboard.

- I have already ordered and received the EVGA 9800 GT (

- In the future I would possibly like to SLI this card, when I get the chance to buy another card after the build.

- I would like to go with 4GB RAM and a Quad-Core processor.

- I want to go with an Intel chip.

- I need PCI slots. I have a TV Tuner card, sound card, and 2 ethernet adapters. (Could take out an adapter, but use one for Wireless and other for wired)

- I am leaning toward getting Vista 64

- I do mostly gaming, never been an overclocker but a board that supports overclocking if I become interested wouldnt be bad.

If anyone has any suggestions especially on a board and cpu to go with I would greatly appreciate it. There are so many choices and ways to go its a bit overwhelming at times.

Update: Ordered Corsair 4 GB last night (
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  1. Well you dont need the ethernet cards since all modern boards have onboard. But I guess you still need the wireless one. All the 780i/790i boards have 2 PCI slots, but they are below the PCIe slots, which means SLi could be an issue in the future as far as the 2nd card is concerned.

    My susgestion would be to get one of these , and get a PCIe 1x wireless card for that very top slot that a few of these boards have. And put your tuner card in the very bottom PCI slot.

    **EDIT** Actually screw the above link. . This is the only Nvidia chipset board worth buying due to its price. And unlike the other 750i boards this one is full speed 16/16 SLI. And it has that top PCIe1x slot I mentioned for a new wireless card.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion, I will look the second nvidia board over right now.
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