Wont look to dvd for install??

Attempting to install game on my sons computer, i insert disk into dvd drive and the install screen pops up. then it tells me it the feature im trying to use is on a network resource.....but its not, its right there on the drive. every time i direct it to the dvd drive the very next file is same issue. since there are about a million files and bits of information theres just no way im willing to attempt to redirect each and every file... any idea what caused this? since its the kids computer im tempted to just wipe it and start over but would rather not listen to the sniveling unless i have to...
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  1. The web resource enables the installation of the software, you have to register the license. you need an open internet connection.
    you should also turn off the anti virus before you try to install any new software. after you load software, restart and turn the anti virus back on.
  2. the game is final fantasy eleven. i have this game on every computer in the house except the one im referring to in post. as with all programs installed from a dvd or cd rom they need to read from the dvd rom or cd rom....this will not....instead of looking to the "D" drive its looking in "C\temp bla bla bla which is incorrect. i mainly was wondering what the issue is with why it wont look to the correct place for the game.
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