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Hey guys!

i'm about to recieve a bonus from work so i'm looking to blow it on a 30 inch monitor, i've chosen the 3008wfp as it's one of the only monitors out there that actually has decent coverage of reviews.

If theres a better i'd like to know ^^

however, naturally i'm looking for hints, tips and the usual info and if anyone knows anywhere i could get one cheapest in the UK. for instance if anyone has a discount code for a specific site.

Thanks a lot guys!
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  1. That's about the best monitor that money can buy, though it is on the high end of pricing for current 30" monitors. If you want an amazing monitor though, and are willing to pay the money, that is an excellent choice.
  2. ha, i don't have one that can power crysis at full resolution i must admit :p

    but to be honest i'm not sure that computer exists yet :p
  3. this is a great monitor I like to use it when. I'm at the mall in the dell store. 1700$ is slot though. You could get a 2408fp and a 50" plasma for that much
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