I have a driver but cant install in

i have a optiplex GX270 computer with Microsoft XP operating system. i went to dell.com and put in the model of the computer and got the driver for the Ethernet. i have delldriverdownloadmanager wish is recomended for this computer. i right click on the my computer and go to the update device i try the location i have the device driver but it wont let me press ok. when i find the driver to install the ok disappears and just the cancel button stay on. how do i run the driver? please help
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  1. the computer on top is a DELL service number DD68831
  2. I hope you downloaded the file named R66787.exe.

    Open Windows Explorer (right-click the Start button, choose "Explore All Users" )

    Navigate to where the file is stored in your hard drive,

    Double-click the file R66787.exe.

    Windows may ask if you want to run this file, choose yes.

    It will expand the compressed file and run the installer.

    When it finishes, you're done.

    More problems with this thing? Let me know
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