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Since I'll be building my first PC in a few days I decided to take apart and put back togather my old PC. I did all of this just fine, but am having problems trying to figure out how to properly connect these three wires. They are labeled on the black tip: Power SN, Power LCD, and HD LCD. there are about 8 pins in a row, 6 pins clustered together and the other two separated by two blank spots for pins, and a little ways above this row of pins are 2 more pins. The first time I connected all 3 cables on the row and it wouldn't start, so I connected the power LCD cable in the 2 pins that are slightly above the row of pins and it started but would not let me pass the screen asking me if I wanted to start in safe mode or not. When I select safe mode for example it shows it loading 6 files from the WINDOWS folder and just freezes.
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  1. New MB will should have a detaled diagram illustrating proper front panel connections. Attach the front panel leads to the MB header before you bolt down the MB down into the case.
  2. This might help, kinda old though
  3. Thanks a lot. The PC is an emachines T1150 and I haven't found any manuals online detailing the motherboard.
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