Is my motherboard dead?

Hey guys, I came into work this morning and my PC was off (I didnt turn it off yesterday). Tried to start it up, fan comes on for a split second, dies. I replaced the PSU with a known working unit, same result. Moved the ram into a different slot, same result.

There is no vid card in this thing, and the CPU fan/heatsink is on nice and tight. My only conclusion can be that it is a dead mobo. Am I correct? Is there ANYTHING else this could be? Like I said, it's my office PC, thats why there is nothing fancy on it, I didnt build it.

Appreciate any advice. PCs are making me go gray this last week haha.
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  1. Well, if you changed out the psu and you still have a problem with it booting then its likely the motherboard. Was the psu you used to replace with new?

    The only other thing you could try is to unplug the psu, move the jumpers on the cmos for 20 seconds and at the same time remove the battery. Replace the battery and move the jumper back and try to restart. If it doesnt boot up then its likely a dead mobo. The old psu may have taken it out along with it.

    Did you have a surge protector between the pc and the wall jack? Its recommended you do that so once you get your pc back up and running be sure to do that.

    You can try to identify the brand and model of the mobo and see if you can find one online to replace it with. That way its basically a simple plug and play when you replace it.

    I have done that before and it will sometimes work with a similar model. Abit IS7 motherboards are the specific ones I did this with and it was the easiest thing I did to replace a motherboard. You dont have to reinstall windows or recover your data.

    Good luck with it. Let us know what it was...
  2. Unplug all USB etc. peripherals.

    Try resetting the BIOS (clear CMOS). If you have more than one stick of RAM remove the others. Test at least one stick of RAM in another PC, if available.

    Try booting with no RAM and see if you get POST failure Beeps. Be sure a speaker is connected, of course.
  3. I am suprised that your work allows you to gut a machine. I assume its pretty small place and you are the resident PC guy (everywhere has at least 1).

    Yeah though, sounds like a duff mobo. but that is not conclusive. Whatever went on the mobo (if it is the mobo) may have damaged the RAM/CPU or vice versa. I recommend trying the mobo first because to be honest I have had more mobos go bad on me than anything else. Closely followed by PSU's. once or twice the GFX card. Once the ram.

    Just personal experiences but mobo's do tend to crap up most.
  4. Thanks guys. I will try it without the RAM at all and see if it posts and beeps at me, good idea. Didnt think of that one.

    And you nailed it, AB, we're a small non-profit and I am the default PC guy because I know more (not an expert, though) about them than anyone here. They are out of warranty anyway and the boss just said, look, if you can fix it, go ahead.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
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