Using wireless gaming adapter in my wireless network

I'm trying to get my 360 hooked up in my bedroom, and connected to Live via wireless.

We have a wireless WPA network set up. Our router is a linksys WRT54G. My Pc is connected to the network wirelessly (roommate has the direct connection)

I was stubborn the the 360's adapter ($75 for a wireless adapter? **** no.) so I bought the old xbox gaming adapter, which only allowed WEP. So I flashed the version to something akin to a D-Link router that allows access to WPA networks. (MN-740 firmware hack. All over google)

I can see my WPA network on the xbox, but I can't connect to it. I think I have further set-up to do on my D-Link gaming router. The guide I used mentioned I need to set the MN740/D-Link adapter up under http:\\ It would pull up a web interface like the one I'm familiar with for my WRT54G. However, this won't pull up. I read online that I need to change my PC's IP address to 192.168.0.x (not 30) and then it'd work. But I imaging this would only work if I had the direct connection and wasn't connecting through our network.

If our wireless IP is 192.168.1.X, does this mean I have to change THAT to 192.168.0 to make it compliant with the DLink adapter? I dont follow this. What has to be done?

Was I close but no cigar and this won't be compatible with a Linksys router because the 2 web interfaces are different IPs?

Im so lost on how this all works. I wanted to take a stab at this. I wasn't about to drop $75 on an adapter so I picked this up on the cheap. I'm almost about to take the plunge since this has been a week long endeavor already.
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  1. Bit of an update:
    I plugged the adapter in to the router and from there I was able to access the D-Link setup page. Everything seemed pretty straightforward, set it up to WPA, still no luck from connecting it to the 360.. but this seems to fall out of scope of these forums.
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