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I need to perform a clean installation of XP Pro on a laptop. I have an install disc but it is not the one that came with the laptop. I found the license key for the current installation using the Magical Jelly Bean key finder. I double checked with a couple more programs just to be safe. Will the key work with the disc or does it have to match the original disc used? Just trying to make sure before I wipe the machine. Thanks!
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  1. Support your Key
  2. Your laptop likely came preinstalled with an OEM version of windows. That won't work on a retail install disc.
  3. I'm not sure if it's the copy that came preinstalled or not. The machine has a virus on it that I am unable to remove so I need to reinstall. I tried to last night and got blue screen before I was able to get partition/format screen. I think it was when it said "windows is starting" or something along the lines of that. Would it work if I put an ubuntu disc in, reformat the drive, then try to install windows?
  4. Booting off another disk won'd do anything for you. If you saw Windows is Starting, that means you did not boot off the CD.

    If you are not worried about loosing your data, boot off the disk you have, and try to do the setup. If the key does not work, worry about it then. If you want to keep your existing data, buy a new laptop hard drive (check your model first to make sure you get the right kind), then try using the disk. You may be able to find an OEM XP disk somewhere to use with your laptop if the code does not work. People post this type of stuff on craigslist or some other local want ad. You may also be able to contact the vendor for a resotre disk, they will probably chage you for it but will be cheaper than buying a new XP copy.
  5. If a virus is the reason you are looking at formatting, run through the malware guide in my signature. It will very likely save you from having to reformat.
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