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Hey. i have a problem with my 955. It is 3.2ghz factory clock. I go to my computer and click propertys it says its 3.2ghz. then i use this program called cpu-z and it says that is .800mhz. so i go into my bios and i manualy do it. i set multypler to 16 and it changes to 3200mhz. so i go in, my computer property said its 3,2ghz but cpu-z still doesnt change. and when i use the amd overdrive thing. i try to set my voltage cpu clock higher it just freezes.?? can i get help plz ty
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  1. nvm fk it. i dnt even have a fan. my fan came with the cpu. imma try again later in life when i get a new fan. sorry im so noob. atleast i built my own 1k rig. by myself with no help. first time
  2. amd cool and quiet mode sets cpu to 800 mhz when cpu is idle. turn this off in bios if you dont care bout saving 25-40 dollars a month on electric
  3. what do u mean u dont have a fan. if u have the stock fan u should b fine also it says that because of the cool and quiet like verrul said turn it off in bios
  4. rlly? i thought u need a good cpu fan? o ok so i turn it off add 20 doller to my monthly bill and i shud be able to overclock it?
  5. if you want to overclock get a good fan that will fit stock cpu fan isnt' great for overclocking. I like the silent and very effective zalman series. I have the zalman 7500 on 3 computers, one 7550 kuma, one e5200, and one 955 all of them stay below 45 degrees even in florida where i live. the cooler is a big circular cooler that looks awesome even turned up it's SILENT or get the 9000 series or 8000 zalman makes the most interesting fans and easier to mount than the tower fans are
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