64bit os and 16gig mobo wont go past 3.25 ram?

I have xp 64bit os a gigabyte mobo that expands up to 16 gigs of ram and It wont go past 3.25 ram. I have checked the bios but there is no memory remapping option even if I check the advanced options. What is going on?
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  1. How do you know that it's only showing 3.25 GB of RAM? Where are you getting the info?

    I have XP x64 and have 4GB installed, and it all shows.

    Give us some other specs and maybe we can help out some more.
  2. It shows it in the computer properties and in detection tools used for games like rainbow six vegas 2
  3. two 1gig sticks, one 2gig stick all at 667, a 9600gt 512, 5400+ dual core, ga-m57sli-s4 mobo, 800watt psu
  4. Read your motherboard's manual to find out how they call the memory remap feature and where you can find it, sometimes it's called different.
  5. You just have 4 gigs installed in your system 1 + 1 + 2 = 4.

    the 16gigs is the max capacity of the mobo. He's not going to show how RAM you can put but only the amount installed.

    If you really have a 64bit OS, you should see 4gigs.
  6. forum trouble, double post...
  7. The op isn't looking for 16GB to be seen by Windows, he wants to know why Windows is only seeing 3.25GB. Probably the memory Remap function metioned by icyicy.
  8. I have 4 gigs installed but it only reads 3.25 I'll check the manual again to see if there is a memory remap or similar option. I have another 1gig stick that I put in to see if that would change anything and it didn't.
  9. i have to ctrl+f1 to get advanced chipset options, ddr2 ram config, but it only lets me change the memory clock and the speed
  10. So how's it going? You find the setting? Or do you still need help?
  11. I still need help
  12. Can't we get this person some help here? We have a lot of experts around. I'm out of ideas but I can't believe everyone on these Forums is!
  13. Jwyouth said:
    two 1gig sticks, one 2gig stick all at 667, a 9600gt 512, 5400+ dual core, ga-m57sli-s4 mobo, 800watt psu

    Could be a BIOS glitch, check for a newer BIOS depending on the board revision:

    Rev. 1.0 and 1.1 use the same BIOS

    Rev. 2.0 uses a different BIOS

    Although the AMD64 memory controller is flexible enough to run an odd-ball memory configuration like you have (single channel mode only), it does pose more work for BIOS programmers beyond the more common and recommended memory configurations. Because it poses more work, odd-ball memory configurations tend to be a weak spot in BIOS programming. If a BIOS update doesn't solve it (or you already have the latest BIOS), find another 2GB module to test so that each channel is matched.
  14. Try installing Vista Ultimate 64bit or other different version of 64bit windows and see if there is a difference.. if you have no budget for it, just download it online. I had the same problem with a client computer and i resolved it by this procedure easily, but im not sure why its like that though..
  15. Try swapping the 2gig stick for 2x1gig sticks,it may be because your only using 3 lanes and not 4.
  16. No - swap the 2x1 modules for another (manufacturer matched) 1x2; 4x1 is notorious for problems, much easier to get 2x2 or 4x2 running well...
  17. BTW - Xp64 seems to be Microsoft's 'red-haired bastard child' - I run a development system with all four OSs - Vx86 & Vx64, Xpx86 & Xpx64 - I try to do similar installs on all; been my experience that if something's gonna cough up blood, it's gonna happen on Xp64; am pretty close to dumping it, and wiping the partition for a beta Win7, just for kicks, as I can see no good reason for its existence...
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