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Heres a strange one the asus ENGTX280TOP on some supliers says its DX10.1 compliant now i'm very confused because Nvidia hasn't released a 10.1 card as of yet unless Asus has added the 10.1 compliancy then i believe it must be a mistype of the supliers end but when a card says its full DX10 compliant would this also mean that it is also a 10.1 card ? just to confuse ppl even more lol just like the DX9 cards when the card stated full DX9 compatible it was a full dx9 card from 9a to 9c or what ever it finished at now for most ppl who don't understand what 10.1 actually is apose to 10 can some one please explain why the card has to support 10.1 and not be a full dx10 card ? all i know is thatthe card has to support it through hardware as drivers will not do it.
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  1. Yeah someone else posted this too that ASUS says it has DX10.1 but its not true,GTX 280 and 260 are both DX10.
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