New pc is done, BUT i've got a blackscreen on bootup.

Hey guys,

Finally got around to getting my pc made, but, after connecting everything, i got myself a dandy black screen.


P5E Deluxe
Asus 4870
Crucial Ballistix dd2 800 (2gb installed atm)
Corsair PSU

So i installed everything (i didn't connect the HD and the DVD W to the motherboard, only to the psu. was so tired i completely forgot... i dunno if that will make a difference) Powered it on, by the looks of it, everything comes on (all fans, mb lights up, gfx fan is spinning.) but just sits there on a black screen and does absolutely nothing...

Any ideas at all on what i could do to try and fix this? =(
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  1. Make sure the 24 pin power connector is connected properly as well as the 4 pin power connector. If that is true then unplug everything except for cpu, ram and video card (if your mobo has an onboard video card then take out your video card as well). If it posts like that then add components back in one at a time until you find the problem.
  2. Your a legend!

    There is my answer right there. I didn't plug in my 4 pin power connector... ooops. Im a first time builder, so i wasn't 100% sure.

    Thanks bud!
  3. you need to pull the black cover off of the four/eigth pin power connector and use all eight pins on mb
  4. lol i actually did that same thing on the first 2 rigs that i built (you think i would learn after just one but no...) started flipping out about how it wasn't working until i looked down and saw that nice little 4pin connector with nothing in it.... just one of those "oh..." situations :)

    have fun with the new computer
  5. haha yeah, thank you!

    now after i get it all running, time to OC... First timer doing that to. lol
  6. Research it and be careful.

    Good luck.
  7. I always do.

    Know any good links i should read up on before i start doing anything?
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