Asus M2N-SLI and hard disc on SATA II

Hi. I have problem.
I want to buy the disc Samsung SpinPoint 500GB F3 on SATA 2, on my motherboard I have 4 x SATA 1. I have the question, whether I will be able to pin this disc unto my motherboard and will he be work ? I mean whether the disc alone will switch over into the SATA mode 1 whether it is necessary with him to do something (jumper/estool). And perhaps somebody has such a plate and the disc under SATA 2 and he could in order to say something? I am afraid that after buying, the BIOS will not see the drive.
I apologise for my bad English, only I am studying ;)
OK, thx for answer.
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  1. I'm truly sorry for not being able to understand what you're trying to say. In any case, think of SATA like internal USB, regardless of how you connect your drives to the port, they should appear when you view the drives through the BIOS or the OS.
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