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Will a 4850 be bottlenecked by a x2 4600+ oc @ 2.75 Ghz?
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  1. nah should be fine i have amd x2 @ 2.9 played crysis on very high with that card.
  2. It depends on what resolution you're operating at.
    I'm now running an AMD 4200+ on a 939 platform overclocked to 2.7G with 2G of ram operting with XP.
    I also have a HD 4850 with the core running at 660 and the memory running at 1060.
    On the crysis GPU benchmark, I get 34 fps with the resolution set at 1920 x 1080 with all setting on medium except for the shaders, which is set to high.
    For more info check this sight ought, http://www.gamespot.com/features/6182806/p-6.html
  3. yeah gaming resolution would be on 720p hdtv so primarily 1360x768...
    so should be fine eh?

    and whoa a 500 mhz oc on a 4200...explain kind sir? what aftermarket hsf?
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