Does matrix raid automaticly cut the best part out to use

hello, i was wondering if matrix raid automaticly cuts out the best part to use. the fastest part of the hard drive? i know tat it can do both raid 1 and 0 with only 2 disks. but im just usi9ng raid one, and was wondering if there is something i need to do to get the best fastest ends of the hard drive used.

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  1. Wait, why would it do that? Wouldn't that shrink your available capacity, as all drives in a RAID 0 array need to provide same capacity due to its set up.
  2. With Matrix raid you can do what you are saying. Create a raid 0 volume first of the size that you want. This will be allocated to the outer portion of your drive which will give you the fastest throughput. Then you can create the raid 1 on the remaining part of the drive. This works well. When you boot you will have what appears to be two physical drives. Just remember to install to the correct one.
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