CM Hyper N520 backwards?

I was wondering why on the Cooler Master site it shows two different orientations of the N520. One with the "Cooler Master" words on the top of the hsf right-side up and the others upside down. I currently have mine on an Asus 6pt deluxe motherboard with the "Cooler Master" words upside down, wanting to have the intake on the rightside and the exhaust on the leftside. I haven't checked the air flow because I didn't want to open my case up while the computer was on. Can someone verify the directions for me?

It looks as if the picture of the heat sink fan installed in the cooler master case has the label printed differently than the other pictures. It seems like the 3 slits and the larger intake opening on the top of the fan should face the right side and taper down towards the left side. Perhaps the label "Cooler Master" has been printed differently for the display model? This just doesn't make sense.
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  1. It doesnt matter the oreientation. that is why the mounting bracket will fit any way.
  2. ^A perfect answer! lol... :lol:
  3. LOL.

    Short and sweet.
  4. yeah, i feel silly thinking about it now. no matter what the right fan will intake and the back (right) fan will exhaust. although, still wish this fan would cool my core i7 920 a little bit better, i idle around 38-41C everything is on factory settings (asus p6t delux, antec 900 case, 4870x2, gskill 1333 ram, antec tt quatro 1000w psu) and my load temps when i run prime95 reach up to low 70Cs. I am not too worried about idle temps its the load temps. with those I will never be able to overclock as I would like to run sub 70 all the time. i have reseatted the hyper n520 twice already, so I am sure its properly installed.
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