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okay so i am a system admin and i have a user on a pretty old XP machine. he has A LOT that needs to be moved from his computer so that i can transfer him to a new computer.
so i have the network setup to where this user can log into any computer on the network but it will basically setup a new customized profile on that computer as though it were the first time that he was logging in (so all of his main files including his outlook .pst file are saved on his actual machine)
i have access to saving his files temporarily to a network drive so that i can log back in on another computer and copy his files back.
what is the best way to go about copying and restoring his entire profile from one old XP machine to a new XP machine?
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  1. I don't suggest copying his profile over fully especially if it's an older XP machine. You will bring all of his old temp files, his old registrey, etc...

    If you use Office 2003 run the Office configuration wizard for him, copy his Favorites, Desktop, My Documents folder.

    Did you setup roaming profiles? All of his files get copied over locally to each machine including his .pst files? Is he ready for a 30 minute logon time? If the pst if stored localy, if he saves email to that, it will need to be copied back over. What if he logs on 2 computers at once?
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