several questions sblive vs audigy4 vs usb to midi patch cord

okay, i wanna use my midi keyboard, i have in the past but i had a sblive card, it had the serial connection i needed, it worked well.

now i have a audigy 4 pro i use for gaming and the sound is awesome, but alas, no serial midi input.

my step sister has the old sblive in her comp that i built.

so here are my questions.

should i take out my audigy4 and replace it with the sblive? (old crappy drivers for xp)

should i get one of those new fangled midi to usb cables?(i dont like that idea because it bypasses the soundcard. or am i right in that assumption?)

should i get a game controller/midi pci card?

i checked out the pricing on these options and the lowest is a pci serial card for 27.95 cnd, and the usb patch cord is 57$ ugh

what do i do? ugh i miss the old days of downloading sick sf2's and using them on my sblive. but the new soundacards with midi support are over 100$
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  1. Well there are a few choices on the USB front, but if you are just after the MIDI function you can get some basic fangled USB to MIDI i/f. These shouldn't interfere with your sound card at all (it is just a serial type connection and only carries musical data, no sound whatsoever, so you'll need a sound output device anyway). A basic USB to MIDI shouldn't cost more than about $30

    I suspect if you go back to the old live you'll notice the sound quality difference, unless perhaps it is one of the higher models (I went from an old ISA Soundblaster Gold to a basic Soundblaster Live and whilst the effects were fun, the sound was naff in comparison).

    Might be worth having a look on ebay for something like an emu x2 i/f, sometimes they come bundled with the emulator x2 software.

  2. Hmmmm... Do you have the external I/O connector box. I believe that has MIDI in / out ports. All you should need is a converter cable to go from your 15 pin MIDI cable to the 2 In / Out, 5 pin MIDI cables.

    You should be able to pick up one of these on the Internet for $20 USD or less.

    Here is an example:
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