HP DVD Writer 640c Problems on Windows 7 Ultimate

Hello there, I'm having some issues with the DVD drive and it works and the green light stay on for about 5 seconds and then goes off when inserting a Disc. Now I update the firmware for it and still nothing. It's not reading or writing disc...But it has that it's working property. Can someone help me with this troublesome issue here.

Note that I'd had install it in a build computer and it work fine before until a hard drive die one me and I have to buy a new one and now it's not working. I have uninstalled it from the computer and shutdown for 5 minutes and turn back on the system without it and turn off again and plug it right back up again and then turn on the system.

It's a HP DVD Writer 640c drive

thank you
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    Writers have a finite lifespan, usually due to laser failure. If a hard drive of the same vintage died it's more than likely that a writer would fail in due course (given that hard drives have a much, much longer estimated time between failures).

    The good news is that a replacement is pretty cheap.
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