Any good recommendations on 600w PSU's?

I recently helped a friend configure a pretty decent system and considering his future upgrades, a 600W PSU for the system would work best.

Problem is, he lives in Taiwan.

So if anyone can find a link of a good reliable 600w PSU sold in Taiwan, please let me know.

I know there's a bunch of decent brands on newegg, but I couldn't find their taiwanese counterparts.
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  1. I would always look for a few brands like :
    antec , corsair (they got great PSU) , Thermaltake .

    if you look for something cheap then the EZcool is the best in the cheap world I think..

  2. I love my Aerocool ZeroDBA at 620W. It is very quiet, looks good, & has sleeved modular cables.
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