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Windows XP acting wonky. Text buttons missing, test in IE flashes or

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November 30, 2010 7:04:48 PM

Windows XP acting wonky. Text buttons missing, test in IE flashes or is missing, not a valid win32 application

Okay, this is a tough one I believe. Am fairly knowledgeable but there are always tricks and tips.

Have had same PC for quite a while. No hardware has been changed, no software has been added. Lojack is running on PC and has been for a while. Will ask vendor about this.
Windows XP Home, 3gb Ram, 2.4ghx Dual Core E6600 CPU with great cooling, paging file is system managed, also tried custom size, 3 partitions, single boot to XP, one user, 100gb free.
I have not changed my use or habits on this machine. I see no pattern.
Have all patches from MSFT

Problem: A few times a week while surfing in IE with a few windows open as always, I will get text on a web page that disappears. If I move my mouse it will appear. Closing down IE and restarting does not help issue. Using Firefox does not help issue. Closing all windows and restarting IE does not help.
If I then click on Word, Excel, Event Viewer, Task Manager or other program I will get an error: Not a valid Win32 application. Or I might get: Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. Or I will get: Insufficient System Resources exist to complete the requested service.
Very strange indeed.

If I reboot all is fine and worked again.

hijack this-clean
Malwarebytes Antimalware,Superantispyware, Avira-Clean
Rootkit search-clean
Clean Registry
Uninstall and reinstall Avira antivirus
Updated all drivers available including video
Backed off Video acceleration on Geforce 8600 GT card
Defrag of C drive
scandisk /f in safe mode (clean)
Reset all services to Defaults per Black Viper web site
Uninstalled IE8 and reinstalled IE8
Reset IE to all defaults
Ran a script that set all system policies/permissions to defaults
Uninstalled MSFT Installer and re-installed with new 4.x version
Tried System restore (early on) no change
Killed all restore points.
Ran Memory Check boot CD memtest86 for 4 hours-no errors

Other than re-installing Windows (an overwrite-recovery) and then install msft updates, I am at a loss.

November 30, 2010 7:18:30 PM

Check the event viewer for errors.

December 2, 2010 5:04:04 PM

From another forum it has been determined there is a bug in the latest updates for Avira Anti-virus causing these issues on some machines. Avira aware of problem and working on it.
Thanks all for your suggestions.