4850 Artifacting Problem

So I just bought a VisionTek 4850. Installed it and ran it just fine for a few hours after using FanFix. Decided to download the 8.7 catalyst drivers (not sure which version came with the card). About an hour later my computer reboots in the middle of crysis and there is nothing but artifacts and the monitor wouldn't get a signal every so often. I currently have a 430 watt powersupply (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153023). i know the psu is under what is recommended but why would it run just fine for a few hours than have all these problems? did i fry my card? any help or explanations would be awesome.
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  1. If this happens with all the new Ati series then im going for nvidia ? :S
  2. Hmm.... Have you tried changing the drivers back?
  3. Dude, this does sound a bit like a power supply issue. When a power supply isn't providing enough, it doesn't mean your PC won't work completely. It could be that your on the margin, and maybe 5 degrees rise in the temperature of your PSU causes this. I would be very causious about this cause if your PSU gives, it might kill parts of your PC. If you have a friend with a bigger one, do the switcheroo and try it. Anyways, you should consider upgrading the psu no matter what
  4. hmm that psu only has 18amps@12V. that might not be enough to run the system stable...

    anyhow hows the temps on the video card? they can tolerate quite high temps but if it's like over 100C then that's a problem...
  5. temp would be at 50c or so. had fanfix set to 60% fan speed. the artifact problem is gone, mostly at least, but now when i try to play crysis or tf2 on max settings (was playing for a bit on med-ish settings) the screen would go blank but the computer would still be on. that is a sign that the psu is the problem right? it's not providing enough power to the rig.
  6. It could also be a driver problem. Try updating the drivers to see if it would help.
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