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I have a maxtor 6Y080L0 80gb hard drive that had as the main drive in my previous computer. I transfered it to my new one when the old one died and used it for storage for about a year. about two months ago widows annouced that the drive was unformatted and would I like to format? as there were many movies and pics of my family stored there I was extremely hesitant to do so. I did a complete virus scan and after exausting my (free) recovery options I went ahead and did the format.
I used the drive with out a problem for a month. tonight when I went to play a game I had installed to that drive, I got the same "Drive not formatted" message.

Any ideas on what is happening? I have AVG free running at all times now, and C drive is a SCSI device. any advice on preventing it form happeing again?
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  1. That 80 GB drive is how old ????? It's time to hold a ceremony and bury that thing.

    I have some SCSI drives running 24/7 for about 7 years but as their considerable bigger, I gotta assume yours is older.
  2. Check the SMART header also run some form of surface scan, you'll probably find it's about to die.
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