Can i import contacts into outlook 2007 from Active Directory?

i have about 100 employees all on a domain and i want everyone's outlook sync'd so that when new employees get hired, their contacts will be updated as well. can i do this?
everyone logs into their own machines through the domain so their outlook files are actually saved on their computer and not at a remote location.
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  1. Are you running Exchange or some centralized email system? Why not just use the GAL? I have not seen an option to copy the GAL information to Contacts automatically, but you can maybe setup an export of the GAL to a txt file, and have the users import that file into Contacts.
  2. devidmartin said:
    Don't worry beandip you can import a large number of vCard contacts into any edition of MS Outlook like Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 or any other older version by using any trusted program like vCard Magic. I was also searching solution to import my vCard contacts into Outlook 2010 then I found an online discussion that clears all my doubts for Outlook contacts conversion (Import & Export). You can also read or join this important discussion-

    Dude, this thread is 3 years old....
  3. It's 99% certain it's an ad for the product. They often just do a search for keywords and post in the treads.
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