Ssd pci or hdds which wold be faster

hi all sorry but am righting this.from my phone
currently using 2 560 or so gb westing digital hdds
i wish to upxate to a pci ssd not the traditianal sata ones
i believe there is a considerable speed increse between the 2. but will it be better than my hdd. they are not in any kind of raid as i dont know what its all about...
am looking to go with ocz but open to sugestions
cost is no factor
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  1. You gotta link us to the models.

    In general, a top end (ie X25-M G2) SSDs are significantly faster than the HDDs, HOWEVER, for example the Kingston 40GB V Serise drives are slower than current HDDs (ie WD Black, Samsung F3) in write speed.


    These are the 3 from ocz which i was looking at. are these good models or should i look at different companies like intel, ect

    p.s. was on phone so couldnt link the sites...
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