problem after recovering system on my laptop

greetings my name is nigus,
i need a little help if anyone can help.i m a bit confused.
i own a compaq presario laptop,and it got hit by several trojans in succession which left a bit of damage to my internet and system in general.
today we copied all my files and put them on an external hardrive which was fine, and ran the system recover which is part of the computer when you buy it.
basically restored the factory settings.
a pop up said in the instructions that everything would be reset but my data would be saved.
GREAT i thought.

so after all the checks and reboots were done, i check my c drive to see the capacity and its total space 60GB
free space 21GB
or something to that effect.
going into my documents and there is nothing there.notnhig in my music or any other file,
my programme files still exist and have to be registered and all that.
but its weird because the system is taken up as if it was full of all my files but theres nothing there.

basically theres 30+GBs of data gone missing from my computer.

one person said to me it was ghost fiiles..but i know nothing about that.
and another game me a programme "easy recovery pro" for getting back the files.
but nothing seems to work.
i know nothing about ghost files so i dont know wat to say really.

has anyone here any ideas? i would greatly appreciate it.
many thanks.
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  1. There is likely some kind of automatic back up file still on your C: drive. Try using Windows search to get a list of files recently created files around the time you did the restore - Look for any large ones.
  2. i ve run several searches and cant find anything
  3. These are just random stabs in the dark but:

    - Try running a disk clean up
    - Defrag
    - Double check the partitions on the drive to make sure they haven't been resized
    - Look for a back up folder which may have been created on the drive with all your stuff in it

    If you already have everything backed up why don't you just to a complete fresh install of windows - It would be much better than a 'restore'.
  4. Hi,

    Please help. I have a toshiba QOSMIO G35 labtop. Today i did recovered it. This labtop has 2 recovery DVD's. When use the second DVD while it showd a problem about installation. It said that

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
    <windows root>system32/hal.dll
    Please re-install a copy of the above file.

    And it could not open. Display is still black.

    Please help me. I lost my lab.

    From Mongolia
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