Final parts for new build-ordering tomorow

i keep changing my i finally have decided this is the best i could get performance wise for the money im spending...WITH the ability to upgrade in the future and probably go sli...

So here it is:







logitech g5

I was originally gonna go with a 4850 but after reading around..if i wanted to go xfire in the future i'd need a x38/48 mobo which the cheapest i can find is around 220. For nvidia the asus p5n-d was only $153 and it has 2 pci 2.0 slots at 16 channels at sli which dont go down to 8 channels each when running 2 cards like the p35/p45 boards. So i decided to go the nvidia way...I was gonna go with the 9800 gtx, but the cheapest i could find was $210 and this superclocked gtx 260 was only about $68 dollars more plus the site im ordering from only charges 5% gst instead of 15% so i save a little im kinda leaning towards the gtx 260...Any suggestions are welcome and please tell me if im missing anything, its my first time making my own build...also, how are the ram, HDD, n case....they should al work together okay right? no compatibility issues or anything?? THanks...
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  1. after thinking about it for a while, readin here n there...apparently 2 16 speed pci e slots compared to 2 8 speed ones dont make TOO MUCH of a difference, so i could still go with a asus p5q pro and a radeon 4850 for about $140 less than what i listed above...and i guess i still have the option to add another 4850 with both runnign at 8 speed pci e slots...What do u guys think?
  2. Yes, and then use the 140 to upgrade some of those marginal parts you have listed.

    -Get corsair RAM, but don't buy 4gigs of crappy RAM. Get two gigs of good stuff and save some bucks while you are at it.

    - Get a better PSU, because when you add the second 4850 you will need it.

    - You'll still save money after that. If you like, get a 4gig kit of XMS... but be careful there. 4 gigs is harder to overclock than two and the new P45 boards are picky about memory in general.
  3. the ram i chose is corsair...also, how much more powerful psu do i need? is 700w good?
  4. can someone help me please? whats wrong with the ram i chose and how much more powerfull psu do i need? also, i should probably get a cpu cooler right?
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