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I have windows 7 x64 waiting to be installed, so I ordered a second 500 gig WD Caviar Blue drive for it because I have a current Vista install with about 300 gigs of data on the same type of drive. The data is mostly games and movies, with no other backup source. I was thinking I should try a RAID 0 setup now that I have 2 of those drives, but realized without having my data backed up how I would go about this.

I am under the impression that I can not do a RAID install without a full wipe since it needs to stripe data between both of the disks in entirety. Am I correct or is there some way to save my 300 gigs of data and get windows 7 x64 on a RAID 0 array? I do not care about my Vista install, I can always install that later if needed, it is 32 bit so it needs to go anyway for a proper Windows 7 x64 install.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Heya

    What I know is that you need 2 that same size discs. If you have 300 and 500 then you will Get raid 0 of total 600 GB ( and 200 gb from 500 gb hdd will not be used, never under raid 0). Best time to raid is when you have 2x 500 or 2x XX hdd but that same size...

    I dont know if you can save ur data... I think it will get wipe, get external HDD and back it up. You gona need it anyway with Raid 0 Config.

    Back to HDD I'm not sure if WD Caviar Blue can be raided anywy. I think you need WD Caviar Black Atleast or Re 2/3 enterprise.

    Bye GL
  2. No, I have 2 exact duplicate of them is new and the other has 300 of it's 500 used. "Any" drive can be used in a RAID array of the same type. Thanks for the post, though.
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